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Transfer to Secondary School

Parents have a right in law to express a preference for the place of education for their children and information on how to apply online is circulated to all primary schools within the area in September. Applications must be submitted by the deadline 31st October.

After the deadline, places will be allocated according to the over subscription criteria which is published on the West Sussex website: Free internet access to apply for a school place is available at all West Sussex Libraries for those parents who do not have access to the internet at home. Further information is available in the Information for Parents booklet which is available to download from the West Sussex website or by telephoning 0845 0751007. Parents who live outside of West Sussex but wish to apply for a place at this school must apply through their home Local Authority.

Enquiries about admissions other than a normal secondary transfer from primary school should be directed, in the first instance, to the Pupil Admissions Office, County Hall North, Chart Way, West Sussex RH12 1XH Tel: 0845 0751007. Application forms are available on the West Sussex website.