Millais School

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Millais School: The Business of Learning
At Millais each member of staff is committed to his /her own professional development and strives to model positive approaches to learning for our students. Our culture is inclusive of all staff with a focus on what each person can contribute through his / her role to positive outcomes for young people. It is recognised also that a proactive approach to ongoing professional development on the part of each individual is crucial as reflected for teachers in the Teachers Professional Standards giving particular emphasis to “evaluating their performance and demonstrating a strong commitment to improving their practice through appropriate professional development.”
Practices at Millais are based on DfE best practice principles including a distributed leadership approach. A regular audit of needs across the whole staff ensures that provision for professional development is closely matched to need at whole school and team level in order to secure maximum impact on students’ learning in classrooms. This strategic approach has contributed to the driving up of standards over recent years reflected in overall GCSE results statistics.
The Millais Training Programme offers one strand of provision tailored to meet the generic needs of both support staff and teachers in the school and is  updated year on year to meet the changing needs of these staff. It is designed to be inclusive and offer a broad range of options to support professional development objectives identified through daily practice, some of which may be formalised at Performance Review. However the strong commitment to learning of Millais staff and the recognition that good professional development happens through collaboration and informal learning on a daily basis through a “learning from each other culture”, continues to underpin the ethos of best practice CPD at Millais.
Throughout the school staff take part in Millais Learning Communities which enable them to focus on a key area and develop on both a personal level and also contribute to the ongoing development of the school as a whole. The Millais Learning Communities are focused around developing inquiry questions, both individually and for the whole community.
Millais leads on several key aspects of CPD provision for our Teaching School agenda, under the banner of the Millais Alliance. Network meetings are now established for all subjects in order to foster collaboration and learning for staff across local and partner schools. In the coming year we are excited about two conferences we are planning for Learning Support Assistants and Teachers in the First and Second Year of teaching. We continue to offer outstanding provision for colleagues coming into the profession through our exemplary induction and ITT programmes working closely with university providers both locally and in the USA.  What’s more Millais CPD approaches have secured local and national recognition: Quality Mark for CPD Leadership at gold standard; Ofsted recognised excellent practice; contribution to the National College of Teaching and Learning programme for CPD leadership award; training for CPD leaders seeking guidance on outstanding practices as well as online resources filmed at the school.
However our brief for developing strong CPD leadership at all levels has always been motivated and underpinned by a passion to provide the best possible education for our students. As staff in our school, if we are not excited about our own learning – how on earth can we expect our students to be excited about theirs?