Millais School

In Pursuit of Excellence

Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Programme for the Bronze & Silver Awards is an increasingly popular extra-curricular activity at Millais. We typically have around 112 girls doing Bronze and 30 doing Silver.

Bronze is offered to Year 9 and Silver to Year 10. This leaves Year 11 free to concentrate on vital exam preparation. Because of ever increasing numbers and staffing needs, we are now working closely with an Approved Activity Provider who is able to support us with fully qualified trainers, expertise and equipment needs, all approved by West Sussex County Council. So, welcome to an exciting time in the school’s development of the D of E programme at Millais.


This involves the following elements:

  • A full day’s training at Blackland Farm in the Ashdown Forest which covers navigating using a map and compass, taking a bearing, map symbols, camp cooking & camp food, tent work, route planning & route cards, the Countryside Code, rucksack packing and camp clothing. This is an action packed day where participants move in groups to a number of different locations on the site and meet new leaders.
  • A two day Practice Expedition, also in the Ashdown Forest, where navigation skills are tested and further training on route card preparation is given on the first day. On day two the groups travel on their own, monitored by their leaders at pre-arranged check points. A de-briefing at the end of the expedition highlights lessons to be learned in preparation for the final Assessed Expedition.
  • A two day Assessed Expedition where groups walk on their own planned route and put navigation skills to the test. They are monitored by leaders at agreed check points and given water top-ups. They have to decide on an Aim for the journey and make notes, photographs etc to present either at the end of day2 or at a later agreed date.
  • Completing each day’s route means that they have successfully passed their Expedition part of their Bronze Award.
  • Three activities have to be completed for the Award to be completed. These are Volunteering in a non-paid capacity, learning a new skill & doing a physical activity. There are plenty of suggestions for these on the eDofE web-site. One has to be done for six months and two for three months.


It is ideal if the Bronze Award is completed before starting on the Silver Award

The Silver Award involves the following elements:

  • Two full day’s training at Blackland Farm in the Ashdown Forest, which covers recap of navigation skills etc in more detail, route planning and route card preparation.
  • A three day Practice Expedition, similar to the plan for Bronze.
  • A three day Assessed Expedition where groups walk on their own, monitored by leaders, but less frequently.
  • Three activities, as for Bronze, where two are done for six months and one for three months
  • An Aim has to be chosen, and a presentation given by all the group to the Supervisor at a later date.
  • We have used the New Forest for Silver D of E, but other options are being considered.