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Frequently Asked Questions
Q Does the school deal directly with pupil admissions across all years, whether it be Year 6  transition or an application for admission into Year 10?
No. All applications for admission to Millais are dealt with by the Pupil Admissions Office in Horsham. Telephone: 0845 0751007
Q What is the telephone number for Millais?
A You can call the school office on: 01403 254932
Q How can I find out about Bus Services to Millais?
A You can also find details on this website under 'School Information' - 'Transport 
Q Is admission to Millais based on academic ability?
A No
My daughter has not been offered a place. What can I do?

The correct course of action is to contact Pupil Admissions Office; and discuss appeal procedures. Should you consider there to be ‘exceptional circumstances’ with regard to your daughter’s admission, please contact the Pupil Admissions Office in the first instance. Telephone: 0845 0751007

Does the school conduct regular tours for prospective pupils/parents?

It depends, if your daughter is in Year 6 or younger, then we have an open evening during September/October and an opportunity to visit the school during school hours, to see pupils working, the following week. If your daughter is in any other year group, Year 7 upwards, then you should contact us on 01403 254932.  

Q What is the catchment area for Millais School 

This query can be answered by the Pupil Admissions Office in Crawley. Telephone: 0845 0751007 

Can my daughter be placed in a class with her best friend from primary school?
A Any queries concerning transition from Year 6 to Year 7 (eg. Language Choices, Friendship Choices, etc) should be directed the Director of Year 7 (   01403 254932.  

My daughter would like to get involved in After School Clubs. How can I find out the dates and times that these clubs run?  


A full list of after school clubs can be found on the school website under 'Extra Curricular - After School Clubs'. 

Some externally run clubs and Aspire Adult Education classes also run in the evenings and weekends at Millais, which anyone can attend by contacting the club concerned, using details published under 'Community'.  New members are always welcome.

Q Is there a school bus service from Haywards Heath ? 
A All enquires of this nature should be directed to the School Transport Planner, 01243 753530, who is based at County Hall, Chichester.  Here is a link to WSCC transport/bus information
Q What is the English Baccalaureate?

The English Baccalaureate was introduced as a performance measure in the 2010 performance tables. It is not a qualification in itself. The measure recognises where pupils have secured a C grade or better across a core of academic subjects - English, mathematics, history or geography, the sciences and a language. There are no plans to change the subjects used for the measure at present. The make-up of the English Baccalaureate is kept under review in the wider context of on-going education reform.

Details of the EBacc can be found here

Q When is my Year 11 daughter's last GCSE exam?

Please check the Millais School website under 'School Information, Examinations' for a copy of the GCSE June exam timetable

I am on holiday on GCSE results' day. How do I get my results?

You can nominate in writing to the Exams Office at Millais, someone to collect the results for you on results' day.  Full details with a form you can download to nominate, is available under School Information  'Examinations'.

Does my daughter have a GCSE exam on a particular day?

Please check the Millais School website under 'School Information, Examinations' for a copy of the GCSE June exam timetable 

How can I find out what after school clubs are available for my daughter to join?  

After school clubs run every weekday and a full list can be found on the 'Extra Curricular - after school clubs' page on our website

How do I request absence permission for my daughter? 

Please notify us in advance of any reason your daughter will be absent from school by email to, by phone to 01403 282052 (or 01403 254932 x3272) or by letter. Term time holidays are strongly discouraged. Holiday request forms can be obtained from the Attendance Clerk and once submitted, parents will be advised if authorised.


What should I do if my daughter needs to leave school early to visit the dentist, attend a music exam etc?


Please notify us in advance of any reason your daughter will need to leave school early or arrive late. On the day concerned, please send your daughter to school with a letter to present to her form tutor. Her form tutor will acknowledge receipt and your daughter must hand the letter to the receptionist when she leaves. She will then be signed out and if she returns to school later, she must sign back in at reception.


My daughter is unwell and cannot attend school today, what do I need to do?

A Please see information on absence on our website under 'School Information, General Information'