Millais School

In Pursuit of Excellence

Home School Agreement

At Millais we believe it is important that we all work together and know what we can expect of each other. A group of pupils, parents, staff and governors drew up this document to which we hope you, as a member of the school, will feel committed.


PARENTS are entitled to expect:

  • that we provide a happy, safe and caring environment conducive to good learning;
  • teaching of a high standard;
  • a courteous and sympathetic reception and hearing;
  • that problems will be addressed and resolved quickly;
  • to be consulted and involved;
  • fair and equitable consideration;
  • that confidentiality will be respected.

Information on:

  • how the school functions;
  • all academic courses including homework;
  • extra curricular activities;
  • the annual calendar
  • who to contact if they are concerned or wish to make a complaint;
  • their daughter's
    • academic achievement
    • progress and effort
    • personal development
    • conduct
    • attendance and punctuality
  • any concerns regarding their daughter;
  • the school's expectations
  • the functioning of the governing body

PUPILS are entitled to expect:

  • a happy, caring and safe environment conducive to good learning;
  • equality of opportunity;
  • a broad and balanced curriculum;
  • a range of extra curricular activities and experiences;
  • opportunities:
    • for personal growth and development
    • to fulfil their potential
  • praise and encouragement;
  • support and guidance;
  • that their form tutor will monitor:
    • their progress;
    • their academic achievements;
    • their welfare;
    • their personal and social development;
  • to be corrected when they have done wrong and informed about the reasons and the consequences;
  • that matters will be dealt with discreetly;
  • that their concerns will be listened to.

Information on:

  • the school
    • how it functions
    • its expectations
    • the code of conduct
  • their academic work
    • the level of attainment
    • the progress they have made
    • how to improve further
  • Key Stage 3/Key Stage 4 courses;
  • post-16 courses;
  • careers;
  • extra curricular activities.

The SCHOOL is entitled to expect:

that pupils will:

  • adhere to the code of conduct, including uniform rules;
  • consistently do their best;
  • take opportunities and rise to challenges;
  • organise themselves and meet deadlines;
  • accept responsibility for their own work, conduct and effort both in and out of school, especially when in uniform.

that parents will:

  • support us;
  • keep us informed about matters affecting their daughter's attendance, well-being, progress and happiness;
  • share any matters of concern openly with us;
  • respond to our concern in a spirit of co-operation and understanding;
  • ensure their daughter attends school everyday on time;
  • encourage their daughter to adhere to the code of conduct, including uniform rules.