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Key Stage 4 Curriculum Options

As pupils approach Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) they have some choice over the subjects and courses that they wish to study for the remainder of their time at the school. All pupils must study English, Mathematics, Science, a Foreign Language, Computing, Physical-Education and Personal Development (which includes elements of Citizenship and Religious Education). Pupils in Year 9 will have the opportunity to select a language, a personal-development choice and then four further courses from a list of usually around eighteen subjects.


All pupils are encouraged to fulfil their potential and achieve their targets, and we believe that each pupil should be advised to follow a combination of courses appropriate to her individual needs. Therefore we guide all pupils in Year 9 to follow a particular “pathway” based on their potential and needs. There are usually four pathways: Endeavour, Ambition, Challenge and International Challenge. Please note that this has nothing to do with setting, in fact most option classes contain pupils from all four pathways. The pathways are designed to guide the pupils towards the most appropriate choices.

Usual Timings

  • Beginning of February - Introduction Assembly in school and options form home
  • Options Afternoon – the week before February half-term
  • Year 9 Consultation Evening – the week after February half-term
  • Options Form Return Deadline – the second Tuesday after February half-term

The process therefore from the beginning to the end is usually one calendar month.


The pupils and parents access information on Options via a link to the Moodle…

…but parents can request an Options Booklet Guide if they really need one.

Main Contact

Mr K Sivyour is the Assistant Headteacher who oversees and co-ordinates the options process and he can be best contacted via email to…