Millais School

In Pursuit of Excellence

Key Stage 4

We start to teach the key Stage 4 curriculum from the January of year 9.

Pupils can opt to take the 3 separate science subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics (Triple Science) or Science A followed by Additional Science. The latter option covers a balanced curriculum of Biology, Chemistry and Physics but is equivalent to 2 GCSE grades, not 3. Triple Science students have more time (an extra five lessons a fortnight) to cover the larger syllabus and about half the year group now take this option which shows the popularity of science in the school. A small cohort of pupils, for whom science is very challenging, is recommended to follow an alternative route eg Early entry certificate in science followed by Science A.

The subject knowledge and understanding builds on key Stage 3 science and again there is a focus on experimental work and the continuing development of practical skills. We have links with Collyer’s local sixth form college and many of our students continue to study science at A level.

As at Key Stage 3 formative and summative assessments take place with intervention put in place to support students as necessary. Also our pupils experience a range of enrichment activities eg Science Live and STEM activities.