Millais School

In Pursuit of Excellence


The standards in the Mathematics CA have been described by OFSTED as “exceptional”. We are often the highest performing mathematics department in the county based on achievement at GCSE as well as on progress between KS2 and KS4.

In Key Stage 3 we develop the students understanding of how mathematics works while building on the work of our primary schools. We have weekly challenge questions and numeracy assessments to challenge all levels of learner.

In Key Stage 4, as well as teaching GCSE Mathematics we also have a, heavily subscribed, option course where students follow a two year scheme which leads to a Free Standing Mathematics Qualification in Additional Mathematics (similar to AS level mathematics) alongside a GCSE in Statistics. Many of our students go on to take A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics when they enter the sixth form.

We combine e-Learning with a variety of other teaching techniques to equip our students with “Thinking Skills”, where understanding is the key. We also have a focus on basic skills through our Learning Lighthouse and AIM (Arithmetic Intervention in Mathematics) programmes that have also been adopted by other schools in the county.

We extend our more able students through regular challenges including the UKMT (United Kingdom Mathematics Trust) Junior, Intermediate and Senior challenges. Our mathematics teams regular win county competitions, including UKMT and FMSP (Further Maths Support Programme). This year (2014) two out of the ten finalists for the Year 10 FMSP were Millais teams, proving that girls can excel at mathematics.

Our less able students are able to follow courses designed for them including entry level work, although more than 99% of our students are able to sit, and pass their GCSE. We have two full time learning support assistants within our curriculum area who further support students who find mathematics a struggle.

All students are supported with a detailed tracking system and also a supportive system that provides out of lesson support for students both during and after school. Our dedicated staff provide extensive one to one and small group help in their own time as well as in structured after school sessions.

Our expertise in teaching mathematics has led to us supporting other schools within East and West Sussex: we have three Specialist Leaders in Education for mathematics and an NCETM (National Centre of Excellence in Teaching Mathematics) accredited Professional Development Lead within our team.

As a team we are always striving to improve our students’ and our own skills while maintaining that “Maths is fun!”.