Millais School

In Pursuit of Excellence

Reporting Process

All students at Millais are regularly assessed within subjects and outstanding progress is made by most students.

Information is shared with students on a daily basis and parents’ evenings are held annually. There is also a full annual written report for all students in all subjects that is sent home in January for Year 9, April for Year 10 and July for Years 7 and 8. This includes a full review of progress and achievement.

In addition, a series of Progress and Commitment to Learning (PCTL) reviews are produced for pupils and parents to clearly illustrate how much progress is being made by each student in each subject. PCTL reviews are sent home within the four reporting windows of November, January, April and July. These reviews include the current flightpath that your daughter is on.  A flightpath is basically a forecast of final attainment on leaving Millais if current progress is maintained.  Their colour determines how much progress is being made (red - significantly below, amber - below, green - expected or emerald - good or outstanding) and crucially how they can improve in future.

Expected flightpaths will be determined by the average performance of all pupils nationally with the same prior attainment at Key Stage 2.  The school has access to and uses national data sets in order to support the target setting of individual learners.

It is important to state that current flightpaths are a "best fit”.  They will be based on a number of assessments, work in class and at home - not simply the most recent test. Inevitably a student may be better at a particular skill within a subject and less adept at another. 

While the current flightpath is important, its colour allows pupils and parents to see at a glance whether their daughter is on track or not:

Emerald - Outstanding. Exceptional progress is being made
Green- Well done. Expected progress is being made
Amber - Nearly there. Current progress is just below expectation
Red- Concern. Current progress is significantly below expectation

The final element of the PCTL review is the "How to Improve", which offers areas that if worked upon could improve progress and achievement.

Whilst we will ensure that any issues identified are followed up internally, if you have a general concern over progress or achievement, then please do not hesitate to contact your daughter’s Form Tutor to discuss this. If there are concerns in a single subject area then parents should contact the appropriate class teacher.