Millais School

In Pursuit of Excellence

Millais Values

The school community takes pride in upholding the highest standards of achievement, behaviour and personal ambition. These standards are reflected in the school motto ‘in pursuit of excellence’ and are underpinned by nine core values.

Millais School’s core values were agreed upon through extensive consultation with all members of the school community including pupils, parents, governors, staff and members of the local community.

Our values are reflected in the way in which we behave, work and treat one another. They form the backbone of our assembly programme and feature in our conversations on a daily basis. We are committed to reviewing our values regularly and promoting them at every opportunity.


We show consideration for others, ourselves and the environment in which we work and live.


We are honest and trustworthy. We think before we act and always consider the consequences.


We are organised, self-sufficient, self-regulating and responsible for our own actions. We are each defined by our individual strengths and characteristics.


We are able to work effectively in teams, share common experience and celebrate together.


We enjoy school and the opportunities it affords us.


We celebrate innovation, work with imagination and think ‘outside the box’.


We are sensitive to the needs of others and think of them before ourselves.


We set high standards and work hard to achieve them.

Self Esteem

We feel good about ourselves and support others to do the same.