Millais School

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Modern Foreign Languages

The Languages Curriculum Area provides a vibrant and interactive learning environment offering 6 modern foreign languages and Latin to G.C.S.E. We believe strongly in the use of the target language in lessons to immerse the students and develop their confidence and communication skills.

All students study French at Key Stage 3 and one of the following; Italian, Spanish, German, Mandarin or Chinese. Latin is normally offered in Years 10-11 through a G.C.S.E. programme delivered by Collyers.

At Key Stage 4, almost all of our students take one GCSE and they have the opportunity to continue with their second language as a full course. They will select a language from the two they have studied at Key Stage 3. A small number of students who don’t continue with a language will be directed to a Key Stage 4 Academic or Literacy support group. We also offer the British Airways Flag award in a range of languages in Year 9.

We offer students many opportunities to develop their linguistic and social skills through a variety of visits and well-established exchanges with our partner schools in Europe. Within the curriculum there is also a wide range of enrichment experiences including workshops and after school clubs.

The students benefit from a variety of resources and different forms of authentic media to help develop their passion for language learning throughout their time at Millais. Furthermore, pupils are encouraged to participate in local and national language competitions and to interact with the wider community where possible, in previous years this has included visits to primary schools and international email exchanges. 2015-2016 is also the first academic year we have pupils who have been entered for the Routes into Languages Spelling Bee competition.