Millais School

In Pursuit of Excellence

  • African Arts Enrichment Day
  • The Summer Concert
  • Visit and performance by students at Brighton Institute of Modern Music

Music is very popular and pupils achieve highly in music at Millais.

There is a full programme of instrumental and vocal tuition provided by West Sussex Music and by private teachers (over 200 pupils receive tuition at school).

Music enrichment activities offered include:

  • ‘Dynamix’ choir (Key Stage 3)
  • ‘SING’ choir (Key Stage 4)
  • Jazz Band
  • Orchestra
  • Rock Band
  • Music Tech Club
  • Ukulele Club
  • Music Theory


There are also other smaller ensembles and the opportunity to perform in the local community.

Concerts, the Carol Service and ‘Creative Arts Evenings’ are held regularly, offering pupils of all abilities further opportunities to take part in public performances and pupils are encouraged to develop initiative, self-motivation and critical judgement by planning their own performances.

Pupils take part in local musical initiatives and enjoy working with community musicians within and outside school, and attending local and national concerts and events, for example, the Ardingly Artsfest, a popular arts festival in West Sussex

Key Stage 3 pupils explore Western and World music styles in a well-planned and vibrant practical music curriculum, and enjoy one music lesson per week.

This feeds into the GCSE Music examination course and BTEC Music Technology course at Key Stage 4.

We plan carefully to facilitate opportunities for pupils of all abilities to enjoy and take part in music, and to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding.