Millais School

In Pursuit of Excellence

Year 10

Autumn Term

GCSE Courses

  • All GCSE courses begin at this point including option choices.

Controlled Assessments

  • These take place at various points throughout the year and contribute in varying percentages (subject dependent) to students final grades.

Spring Term

Parents Evening

  • This takes place quite early on in the year and is an important process to assess and discuss student achievement in GSCE subjects over the first term.

Duke of Edinburgh Silver Applications

  • At this point in the term, students are given the opportunity to apply for the second level in the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme. This again is a very popular enrichment opportunity for students at Millais.

Ski Trip

  • This is a popular and fun filled trip which for the past 3 years the trip has been to Sestriere in Italy. 5 full days of expert ski instruction is included in addition to all transport, meals and evening activities. Students make a huge amount of progress and memories of this trip will last them a life time!

Prefect Applications

  • All students are given the opportunity to apply to be one of 50 prefects in the year group. Prefects play a very important role in the busy life of Millais, helping at events such as Open Evening, Parents Evenings, Presentations and other school functions. This is a highly sought after role for which competition is fierce with a large percentage of the year group applying.
  • Factors such as accumulated community points and warnings are considered, in addition to commitments to the wider life of the school and community. All students and staff are then entitled to vote. There is then an additional process following this to elect the prestigious Senior Prefect Team and Head / Deputy Head girls.

Summer Term

Staff Assistant Applications

  • This is a role within the school for those who may not wish to be prefects or who have not been successful in their application. They can elect to assist teaching staff with a wide variety of jobs which they complete on agreed terms with their chosen teacher.

Peer Mentor Applications

  • This is another role within the school for Year 10 students who would enjoy mentoring younger students, primarily in Year 7. Peer mentors help to guide and nurture new students throughout their first year at Millais.


  • At Millais we are proud of the charity work we do and this theme runs throughout the school. In this term Year 10 will do their charity event as the summer term begins to draw to an end.

GCSE Science Modular Exams

  • At this point in the summer term, modular science exams take place for a high number of students which contribute to their final GSCE grades.

Prefects and Year 6 Induction

  • A key role of the newly elected prefects in their first term is to help with the Year 6 Induction programme. Teams of prefects are allocated to each tutor group and assist with Induction Day, giving a tour to the new students who will join the school and facilitating various activities for them.

Sports Day

  • After 3 years of competition themselves, the Year 10 students now turn their hands to helping facilitate this huge event in our school calendar. They take on roles such as Team Manager, Track Marshall, Scorers, Event Assistants and each year they amaze us with their enthusiasm and willingness to help make this day such a success.

Work Related & Post 16 Pathways

  • Part of the final week of the summer term involves Year 10 students taking part in a wide variety of workshops and seminars aimed at helping them to begin to consider their options for Post 16 Education and potential career pathways. There are also additional workshops aimed at helping students to manage exam pressures and related issues at this vital time. The final day of term culminates in the annual Interform Rounders competition.