Millais School

In Pursuit of Excellence

Year 7

Autumn Term

Tutor Groups

  • At Millais, pupils are placed in tutor groups of approximately 25 girls and the groupings are chosen based on the friendship choices they make in their last term of Year 6.
  • To help the girls to build new friendships, each tutor group goes on a one day visit to Blacklands Farm activity centre at the end of September, where they participate in abseiling, indoor rock climbing and team building games. This is a great opportunity for the girls to get to know each other as well as have fun and try something new.
  • Each month form tutors will nominate one pupil as a star pupil. Star pupils receive a certificate and a badge to wear on their uniform.
  • Pupils can volunteer for leadership roles within the tutor group. These roles of responsibility include form captain, games captain, year council representative and charity and eco representatives.
  • In each academic year parents will receive Progress and Commitment To Learning grades. These are first completed for Year 7 in November. Parents can see the progress their daughter is making on her predicted flightpath, along with an improvement focus.

Finding your way around

  • For the first 2 weeks of Year 7, each tutor group has a group of prefects who will take the Year 7 pupils to and from each lesson to help them learn their way around. Although Secondary School can seem big compared with Primary, by the end of two weeks they will start to feel confident about finding their way on their own.

Meet the Tutor

  • Parents and carers are invited to meet the Form Tutors and Directors of Learning in an informal setting after school.

School Photographer

  • School photographs are taken in October. There will be individual and tutor group photographs taken and pupils will bring home the order form. Photographs are taken again in Year 9 and Year 11.


  • At Millais we are proud of the charity work we do. In addition to supporting school events including non-uniform days, Year 7 will take part in the shoebox appeal in October.
  • There will also be a Year 7 charity event later in the year. In January 2014 Year 7 participated in a massive Zumba Workout and raised over £5000 for LEPRA!

Getting organised

  • Pupils receive an Extended Learning Record (ELR) at the start of each academic year. There is a lot of information in the front for pupils and parents to read, including the Millais Code of Conduct which pupils are asked to sign. Parents, pupils and the form tutor will then check and sign the ELR each week.
  • We recommend pupils put a copy of their timetable up somewhere visible at home and pack their school bag in the evening to avoid a rush in the morning when items might be forgotten. They do not need to bring everything to school each day, just the equipment they need for their subjects for that day.
  • Most subjects will set a piece of homework each week, although it is less frequent in some subjects. The girls have a homework timetable so they know which subjects to expect each day.
  • It is important to do homework on the day it is set if possible to avoid several pieces building up. We ask that pupils work for 30 minutes on each piece of homework (20 minutes for languages) and they will usually receive 2 pieces each day. Parents can see their daughter’s homework in the Extended Learning Record (ELR).
  • The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is available before school from 8am, at break and lunch time, and after school until 5pm if pupils choose to complete homework in school. A supervised computer room is also available Monday to Thursday until 4.30pm.

What to do if something goes wrong

  • The first point of contact for pupils and parents is the form tutor. A big part of secondary school is learning to take responsibility and asking for help if needed. We encourage pupils to speak to their form tutor if they have worries with friendships or any aspect of school life.
  • Parents can also contact the form tutor via the parent/teacher box on each page of the ELR.
  • Alternatively pupils can come to the Year 7 office to speak to the pastoral support team.
  • If there are concerns about homework and classwork pupils should speak to their class teacher for help. Teachers run tutorials known as SPAs one afternoon each fortnight so pupils can go along for extra support.

Spring Term

  • Year 7 Parent Consultation evening takes place at the end of January. This is an opportunity for parents and carers to speak to their daughters’ teachers about their progress. More information is sent out a few weeks before inviting parents to select the subject teachers they would like to see.

Summer Term

Enrichment days and Activity Days

  • Sports day takes place in July. Each tutor group is named after a country, and the countries are members of 4 continents, Asia, The Americas, Europe and Africa. The tutor groups will be competing for their continent to win the overall sports day cup.
  • In the final week of term there are 4 activity days when the year group will participate in a range of activities, including a languages day, an interform sports day, as well as a day trip to Canterbury to compliment the medieval period they have been studying in History.

End of term

  • At the end of term there will be a celebration assembly celebrating pupils with excellent attendance, pupils with no warnings in Year 7 and pupils who have received lots of community points. There are also celebration assemblies throughout the year and pupils who receive 30, 60 or 100 community points will receive certificates in these assemblies.