Millais School

In Pursuit of Excellence

Year 9

Autumn Term

Open Evening

  • Students are invited to contribute to and volunteer to help showcase all the marvellous activities and achievements that Millais has to offer to prospective students and parents

HPV Vaccination Programme

  • Some year 9 students may complete the programme alongside the year 8s.

School Council Elections

  • Applications and hustings will take place to elect the new School council. There will also be opportunities for two students to represent their tutor group as year council members meeting with their Director of Year : DOY
  • School Photographs

D of E Bronze Award

Targeted Interventions

  • There will be opportunities for some pupils to participate in Targeted Youth Support (TYS)activities, vocational courses at the Lodge and Challenge Activities such as Firebreak and other Enrichment or Community Inputs

Personal Commitment to Learning levels issued

  • This is the first opportunity to see whether your daughter is on target to achieve her final Key Stage 3 Level at the end of this year. Some students will be given a suggested target for improvement and group data will be reviewed by Curriculum areas, tutors and the Director of Learning in order to plan for any additional interventions or additional support programmes. PCTLs are issued four times throughout the year.

Audition Opportunities

    Students and staff will be invited to audition for the Talent Show at the end of term entertainment for pupils alongside the annual staff pantomime

Carol Service

  • Millais choirs and music groups will perform at St Mary’s Parish Church in the Causeway Horsham to start the Christmas Celebrations

Spring Term

Celebration Assemblies

  • These take place half-termly and students’ achievements are celebrated by the year group. Acknowledgement of a variety of academic, sporting and personal achievements are announced as well as excellent attendance , punctuality and awards for being Star pupils in the tutor group.


  • Students and parents are invited to an initial meeting outlining the various water sports and activities open to them in Ardres, France which happens in the Summer term


  • Students and parents are invited to information afternoons and consultation meetings to learn about the new course and subjects they may wish to follow in years 10 and 11. There will be an opportunity to check on pupil progress and discuss appropriate pathways from the detailed booklet available to download from Millais Moodle. View the options for Key Stage 4


  • Some of year 9 students will be invited to work together to enter this national competition and hopefully continue to perform as successfully as previous years.



  • Tutor groups will be expected to work together to raise funds for a particular charity.


  • The programme of tutor group assemblies will be almost completed this term. Each group will have presented a specific theme to the year group, creating the format using music, ICT and other original aspects to make their presentation.


  • Pupils will sit the final exams of KS3 in the examination hall for most subjects or undergo assessment in class so that progress can be reported later in the term and to form part of the setting process for groups in year 10 and 11.


  • During this term many Curriculum Areas start GCSE work or modify the curriculum to prepare for KS4 i.e. Modern Foreign Languages will regroup the bands in order to begin their chosen language choices.


  • Pupils will remain in their current tutor group with their tutor from year 7-11. Girls in the same tutor group could be on different sides of the timetable. The original three bands A, B, and C will now be merged into two bands A and B and therefore the number of sets will increase to 6 or even 7 on each side rather than the 4 sets in each band we currently have. It may seem that your daughter’s set is lower than previously but with the increase in numbers the level may be the same but the numbering system will be different. The Director of Learning DOL for each subject would be the point of contact should you have any questions.

    A Transition Programme will be implemented in Tutor Time after May half-term to support pupils in their transition from Year 9 into Year 10. The programme has been created using feedback from year 9 students and suggestions from staff. It will continue into the first term in Year 10.


  • Pupils and parents are asked to arrange a day’s visit to a parent’s place of work (or other approved adult as not all work-places can accommodate young people) in order to experience what it is like to be in the work-place.


  • There are two Enrichment days this term where the year group are encouraged to work in teams in both physical and commercial activities. There is also a full programme of two day and four day activities both on and off site that students can select from the Activity Booklet posted on-line and the Ardres residential also takes place at this time.


  • Parents are invited to the evening presentation of subject and special prizes to those pupils nominated from years 7-10


  • On the last day of term each year group will meet with the Head Teacher for an end of year message and providing permission slips have been received have an early leaving time to close the year.