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An All Girls' Education
An All Girls' Education

We recognise that every student’s educational experience is unique and therefore as a school, we are committed to the maintenance of a high performing learning environment which perpetually enables the pursuit of excellence for all to emerge and blossom. 

Millais provides an outstanding education based upon excellent and imaginative lessons combining academic rigour with creative techniques and modern technology. There is high quality teaching support and care from dedicated teachers and support staff who place the students at the heart of everything we do.  

“Taking the Lead and Feeling Empowered”  

In the 21st century, young women are shoulder to shoulder with young men within education and the workforce and yet many young girls and women do not see themselves automatically as leaders within society. As students arrive at Millais, we will encourage them to have a voice and to undertake one of the many leadership roles of responsibility. Students are able to shape their school and even their wider local community which empowers them to be leaders of the future. 

“Can do” Attitude to Learning & Life"

Girls tend to hold back, hesitate, or ask for help when faced with a new situation, at Millais we encourage them to be brave and ‘have a go’ within a caring and supportive environment. We aim to build their self-esteem so that they grow in confidence, become more independent thinkers and, develop the belief that they have the ability to succeed.     

"Aspiration with No Limits"  

When girls are more open and willing to take risks or “try out new things” their aspirations can be limitless. Daring to reach further, dealing with obstacles, disappointments or failures and persistence are fundamental life skills which build an individual’s capacity for resilience, way beyond the classroom into the wider community of life.        

"Thriving in an All Girls’ School"

In a single sex learning environment girls have space to develop a strong sense of themselves, and their value. Class sizes of 24-26 are smaller than the average state school and therefore It is a place where we can personalise and scaffold the learning, nurture the confidence of each girl which leads them to make their own choices in life free from societal gender pressures. Our aim is to provide a learning environment dedicated to develop confident, courageous, creative and resilient young women. At Millais we hold a mirror up to society and do not simply reflect the existing gender norms.     

“Uniqueness of the Learning Experience”  

Millais students develop a set of lifelong skills throughout their five year journey. We are unique, amongst the local schools because we value and provide a broad and balanced rich curriculum. We go beyond the usual 2 languages offer as students can study French, Spanish, German, Italian and Chinese Mandarin. We see the advantages of the creative & expressive arts which creates an outlet for those interested and talented in drama, dance, music as well as art & design. Millais offers superb opportunities for girls to excel in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics which form a hugely influential core within the school. Our physical education programme is packed with a wide range of sports which encourages and coaches the elite athletes to excel whilst actively promoting the joy in participation and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle to the whole school.  

"21st Century World Ready"  

A culture of curiosity and innovation is key to creating effective 21st century learners, workers, leaders, and citizens. We embrace the broader development of each individual with a focus upon lifelong skills and character traits young people need to be successful in the future.  We focus on core skills such as complex problem solving & critical thinking, collaboration, building resilience and adaptability to equip our students with the essential skills for life beyond school.        

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