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Statutory Information
Statutory Information


School Performance Data


Total Number of Pupils in Year314

At Millais we pride ourselves on entering all pupils for examinations in the subjects they have studied regardless of their expected level of achievement.

Attainment 854.6
Progress 80.31  

Please note that:

  • Progress 8 is the benchmark which all schools have to set targets and report results.
  • A standard pass is grade 4 or above, a strong pass is grade 5 or above.
Average Points Score for English Baccalaureate subjects (English, Mathematics, 2 Sciences, Language, History or Geography)5.08
% of Pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate (Strong passes in English, Mathematics, 2 Sciences, Language, History or Geography)36%
% of Pupils achieving a standard pass in both English and Mathematics80%
% of Pupils achieving a strong pass in both English and Mathematics56%
% of pupils achieving a standard pass in English87%
% of pupils achieving a strong pass in English75%
% of pupils achieving a standard pass in Mathematics83%
% of pupils achieving a strong pass in Mathematics61%
% of GCSE grades at 7, 8, 929%
% of pupils achieving 10 or more standard passes35%
% of pupils achieving 10 or more strong passes22%


Millais School Exam Results 2019 | PDF | 136KB

Millais School Exam Results 2020 | PDF | 690KB

Millais Performance Measures


School Uniform

School uniform identifies students with Millais School and should be worn with pride and a sense of responsibility.

The school has a clear and firm policy on uniform and we ask parents to study it carefully and give it their full support. This avoids us having to spend valuable time reminding pupils about details or parents being involved in unnecessary expense by buying items of uniform which are unacceptable.

All items of uniform must be fully named.

Please see our uniform page on our Parent Hub.

Complaints Procedure

Should you wish to speak to a member of staff about a concern of a serious or sensitive nature, please contact the Headteacher's PA, on their direct line,  01403 282013.

Millais Complaints Procedure

To raise a complaint please follow the procedure outlined below.

The complaints procedure at Millais School is a three stage procedure:

  1. Stage 1 (Formal - in writing on the Complaint Form to the Headteacher): Complaint heard by Headteacher.
  2. Stage 2 (Formal - in writing to the Chair of Governors):  Complaint heard by Chair of Governors.
  3. Stage 3 (Formal): Complaint heard by Governing Body's complaints appeal panel.

Any concerns/complaints relating to SEND provision should be directed to Ms K Potter, SENDCO in the first instance, followed by the three stage procedure detailed above.

Complaints Policy | PDF | 301KB

Complaint Form | DOCX | 22KB

Managing Serial and Unreasonable Complaints Procedures | PDF | 86KB

Governors Information

The Governing Body of Millais School is made up of volunteers from various parts of the community served by the school – parents, school staff, local authority appointed and individuals from the broader Horsham community.

We come from many backgrounds and have a wide range of skills and experiences, which bring an independent view to issues of strategy, performance, the management of resources and setting the standards and expectations of the school.

Above all else, we are committed to ensuring that all students are given every opportunity to fulfil their potential and to the ongoing success and further improvement of the school.

The Governing Body operates at a strategic level, leaving the Headteacher and senior school leaders responsible and accountable for the operational day-to-day running of the school.

The full governing body meets regularly throughout the year, at least twice each term.

There are at least two Committees, they meet at least once a term and more often as required;

  • Pay & Staffing Committee which reviews all staffing matters and has fully delegated powers to implement the schools pay policy and
  • Finance and Resources Committee which reviews all matters relating to finance, premises, ICT and facilities.

The Governing Body of Millais School was reconstituted on 1st September 2015 and is now constituted under 'The School Governance (Constitution) (England) Regulations 2012'.  It is made up of 15 governors.

9 co-opted GovernorsAppointed by the Governing Body taking into consideration the skills and experience they can bring to the role
1 Local Authority GovernorRecommended by the Local Authority and appointed by the Governing Body.
3 Parent GovernorsElected by the Parents/Carers of pupils at the school.
1 Staff GovernorElected by the Staff of the school.
1 HeadteacherAn ex-officio member by virtue of their post.  All Governors serve a 4 year term except the Headteacher, who, unless chooses not to, is a governor by virtue of their post.

Should you wish to contact the Governing Body, please write to the Clerk to the Governors, c/o Millais School or email [email protected].

Governing Body Information | PDF | 194KB

Financial Information

We are required to provide the following financial information on our website:

  • The number of school employees (if any) who have a gross annual salary between £100,000 and £110,00: 1
  • Schools Financial Benchmarking Service - Millais School
Request for Paper Copies

If you would like to receive paper copies of school communications please Contact us

SEN Information Report
School Opening Hours

Millais is open to students Monday to Friday from 8.05am - 5.00pm (including After Schools Clubs)

The school day is from 8.30am - 3.00pm (32.5 hours per week)

Remote Education

Millais School : Providing Remote Education Information to Parents and Carers

A couple of important defintions:

Remote Learning Tasks = Covid Absence

Home Learning Tasks = HW Tasks set via TEAMs

If you are at home due to a positive Covid result we hope that this clarifies what you need to do in relation to completing work.

  1. You are only expected to complete work if you feel well enough to do so - we are aware that everyone's experience of Covid is going to be very different. Do not worry if you do not feel well enough to do anything, concentrate on getting well so that you can come back to school with lots of energy, your teachers will support you when you're ready.
  2. If you do feel well enough to complete work we suggest you look at your timetable and work one day behind it - for example, if you would like to do some work on a Wednesday, look at your timetable for Tuesday... this means that your teachers will have added the work as well as any updates that happened in the classroom in school. Then use your timetable to look at the range of subjects you have.
  3. Please find below the Teams Curriculum Area Guide to Remote Learning, each Curriculum Area has identified where work will be set, what to do if you have completed it and if you would like extra support. Use this guide to find the subject you are looking for and a brief signpost to the work.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Area Guide | PDF | 150KB

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Area Guide | PDF | 154KB

As of Friday 12th February the DfE has asked us to provide parents with the following document:

Remote Education Provision Information for Parents & Carers | PDF | 610KB

Whilst students are working remotely, please find below a summary of topics for each subject. We have divided the information into Key Stage 3 and 4 for your convenience.

Checklist of which platforms subjects are using | PDF | 143KB

Outline of Remote Learning Provision​: A Guide for Students & Parents | PDF | 233KB

Some of our students are entitled to apply for free data from their mobile provider, please read this letter to find out more:

Access to Free Data from your Mobile Phone Provider | PDF | 118KB

Student guide to installing the Microsoft Office Package remotely:

Millais Student Remote Resources | PDF | 292KB

Here at Millais we use two learning platforms. We are using Microsoft Teams to provide our parallel online curriculum and Frog works alongside this to support student engagement and deliver our depth and extension material.

Microsoft Office365 & Teams

All students are provided with an Office 365 account and they have a single user-id and password to access all aspects of our remote provision.

Accessing their Office 365 accounts from home is a simple process of using the web browser and searching Office 365 Login. When you are prompted, enter your school email (ending in as the username and the password from your school account.

The Millais frog Site

Our VLE platform is called Frog and this currently provides extensive resources and tools to enhance the learning of our students in and out of school. Students and parents can view timetables, assignments, attendance, assessment, and achievement information within Frog.

The Millais Frog Site is accessible from the home page of the school website (at the bottom), just click on the ‘Login to Frog’ link like the one below. When you are prompted, enter your school username and the password, the same as you use to log in to the computers at school.

In addition, the school subscribes to several online learning resources across the curriculum for example Hegarty Maths, Kerboodle, Seneca and many others.





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