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Online Remote Provision for Independent Learning

We are using Microsoft Teams to provide our parallel online curriculum.

Microsoft Office365 & Teams

All students are provided with an Office 365 account and they have a single user-id and password to access all aspects of our remote provision. They receive this in their computer lessons on the first couple of weeks of the Academic year.

Accessing their Office 365 accounts from home is a simple process of using the web browser and searching Office 365 Login. When you are prompted, enter your school email (ending in as the username and the password from your school account.

Teachers will often set homework on Teams and use it as a communication method to keep in touch or add notices. Head of Years and other members of staff, including the Exams Team, will often post on here for updates and reminders.

Access here

Office 365 Email account

Remote Desktop Service

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Millais School: Providing Remote Education Information to Parents and Carers.

A couple of important defintions:

If you are at home due to a positive Covid result we hope that this clarifies what you need to do in relation to completing work.

  1. You are only expected to complete work if you feel well enough to do so - we are aware that everyone's experience of Covid is going to be very different. Do not worry if you do not feel well enough to do anything, concentrate on getting well so that you can come back to school with lots of energy, your teachers will support you when you're ready.
  2. If you do feel well enough to complete work we suggest you look at your timetable and work one day behind it - for example, if you would like to do some work on a Wednesday, look at your timetable for Tuesday... this means that your teachers will have added the work as well as any updates that happened in the classroom in school. Then use your timetable to look at the range of subjects you have.
  3. Please find below the Teams Curriculum Area Guide to Remote Learning, each Curriculum Area has identified where work will be set, what to do if you have completed it and if you would like extra support. Use this guide to find the subject you are looking for and a brief signpost to the work.

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

As of Friday 12th February the DfE has asked us to provide parents with the following document : MILLAIS SCHOOL: Remote Education ProvisionInformation for Parents & Carers

Whilst students are working remotely, please find below a summary of topics for each subject. We have divided the information into Key Stage 3 and 4 for your convenience. The information can be downloaded below.

Some of our students are entitled to apply for free data from their mobile provider, please read this letter to find out more. 

Student guide to installing the Microsoft Office Package remotely.



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