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GCSE Options
GCSE Options

Making Options Choices

Preparation for Key Stage 4

Option choice is not always easy, but it’s a very important part of transition from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4.

At Millais, we pride ourselves on providing extensive information and support to give students the time to think them through properly and plan ahead because choices in school may have an impact on future learning and career options.

Students will be taking between 8 – 10 GCSEs, this means they will have a broad education in a range of subjects and be well prepared to make a range of choices at 16. This also means that choosing or not choosing a particular subject will not make too much difference to future career or learning choices although some A level and vocational post 16 courses do need specific qualifications for GCSE;  it is a good idea for students to research  these before choosing their GCSEs. The websites of local sixth forms are a good place to start.

Further information about choosing GCSEs

Current Year 9 Students Options Booklet 2024 - 2026

Current Year 9 Options Information Evening Presentation 08/02/24

Current Year 10 Students Options Booklet 2023 - 2025 PDF

Current Year 11 Students Options Booklet 2022 - 2024 | PDF | 6.8MB​​​​​​

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