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Parent Forum Updates

A Warm Welcome!

Our Parent Forum meet throughout the year.  

We invite any member of the school community who wishes to attend to join us – and will advertise the meet times to all. 

The purpose of the Parent Forum is to allow the Millais community, staff and parents, to come together to celebrate what we are doing well, and to share ideas regarding how we can improve. The Parent Forum allows parent voice to be heard and harnessed and provides parent representatives to be used as sounding boards for our latest ideas and approaches.  

After the Parent Forum meetings, the attending staff present discussion points to the SLT (Senior Leadership Team) and other relevant staff. Feedback is then given to the Parent Forum and shared to all parents on the school website.  

N.B. The structure of the Parent Forum meetings may change depending on numbers and need. 

Parent Forum 3 - 24th January 2023

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